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Organize Your Blog and Save Time with Trello (5-Day Course)

Free Trello Bootcamp for Bloggers

Free Trello Bootcamp for Bloggers

No more paper, no more sticky notes, no more confusion.

I’m going to show you how to organize ALL your blogging needs online.

Trello is free. Why aren’t you using it? Maybe it’s because you don’t know where to even start. That’s ok, stick with me and have your blogging life changed.

Day 1

Your To-Do List
Create the most organized To-Do list that will make you go from procrastination to done.

Day 2

Facebook Groups
I'm going to show you how to organize ALL your blogging Facebook groups. Create a schedule to tap into the amazing reach Facebook groups can give you.

Day 3

Monthly Stats
Forget Spreadsheets. Tracking in Trello is super easy and efficient. Track ALL your stats, and then easily repeat it month after month so you can see your growth!

Day 4

Courses & PDFs
Blogging takes a LOT of education. But where do you store your courses and PDFs? How do you know everything you've signed up for? I'll show you how to keep it all in Trello.

Day 5

Editorial Calendar
This will no doubt be your favorite video in the course, that's why I saved it for the last day. Get the rest organized and then focused on some blog life changing training!
People sitting around a desk throwing paper in the air

Stop being intimidated by putting your ideas and information online. Because we’ve written it all down for so long it’s just “how it’s done.” 
Forget the paper, and the notes scattered around your desk! 
Trello can handle the load for you.
Plus it’ll all be neat and tidy.  
Trust me, I still have the binder and the folders that I wrote all my blogging notes in when I first started, but you know what?
I can’t remember the last time I touched it. Because I organized it all online, and you can too.

Never heard of Trello?
It's FREE!
Watch here to see it's awesomeness.

Ready to Get Organized?

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Organize your Blog with Trello!

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