5 day marriage revival course

The 5 Day Marriage Revival Course:

This free marriage course is ready to help you reset, rekindle and reconnect! Ready to sign up right now? Grab this 5-day marriage course online FREE in your email inbox!

Every day that passes you’re growing further apart.

It’s time to become one.

You’ll learn the steps to the marriage of your dreams.

A marriage filled with intimacy, happiness & trust.


“This free marriage course has helped me in more ways than one. First I was able to forgive myself then found the courage to forgive my husband. And that gave me the courage to work on my marriage. Truly speaking this course found me on the verge of leaving my marriage (divorcing my husband) but thanks to this program I found a reason why I married my husband and why it’s important for me to fight this fight.”

What’s in this FREE online Christian marriage course?

Day 1: Lay a new foundation

  • Learn what it means to build your marriage on the Rock- Jesus Christ! Have a firm, solid foundation that cannot be moved.

Day 2: Adding the third cord

  • Ecclesiastes 4:12 speaks to how a cord with 3 strands is not easily broken. Learn your roles as hubby and wife, and what role Christ should have in your marriage.

Day 3: Have you been loving each other wrong?

  • Sometimes what’s broken is just a miscommunication of love. Learn how to love each other the right way!

Day 4: Is your marriage a priority?

  • Marriage is like a puzzle. And it definitely isn’t completed on your wedding day, and it doesn’t put itself together on its own. Marriage takes work, and without making it a priority you’ll keep landing in a place that needs help.

Day 5: Let’s make a pact.

  • Take everything you’ve learned and move forward with your new marriage. This course isn’t a band-aid, it’s a toolbox to teach you how to mend your marriage and move forward to a successful marriage.

Can I take this marriage course by myself?

YES! This course was created for couples to go through together, however if you want to take this course so that you can get the secrets to marriage and work on them by yourself you can still benefit from this course! 


Discover the 5 steps to build a marriage on Christ’s foundation.


Dive in with your spouse and transform your marriage.


With all you’ve learned in the course, it’s time to live a happy life again with your spouse.

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I’ve been blessed to help over a thousand marriages just like yours through the resources on my site.  It is my mission that every marriage can achieve the “oneness” that the Bible speaks of in Gen 2:24. Every marriage has areas that are ready for growth and I want to help you achieve all your marriage goals!

At MomminFromScratch, I know you want a healthy, happy marriage. 

In order to get there you need a plan that solves the issues in your marriage. The problem is, it seems marriage problems seem to just grow bigger if left unresolved, which makes you feel distant and alone in your marriage. 

I believe all marriages deserve a fighting chance and with the right tools, separation and divorce can be taken off the table permanently. 

I understand how hard marriage is, everyone struggles. 

Here’s how my course works, when you sign up you’ll be led through 5 days with your spouse so that you can learn how to have the happy marriage you deserve. 

You can stop letting that distance grow and those hurt feelings fester and start reviving your marriage today!

5 day marriage revival course

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