The Selah Minute Week Three

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Here is the Selah Minute week three! I’m doing something different this week and asking you to Selah with me!

Let me take a minute to remind you of God’s faithfulness!
You can check out the video here:

As I mentioned in my post you can check out my post  here: HOW TO SPEND TIME WITH GOD BY QUICKLY PAUSING 25 WAYS

In case you’re wondering when I used the term hopeless, I felt hopeless in the sense of never being able to socialize again. My children, are young and rambunctious and need my constant attention. Which makes it hard to hold a lasting conversation with someone without being interrupted. But like I said, this season is temporary. And it’s a wonderful feeling to find peace in that!

Are you going through a hard season right now? May I pray for you? You can comment below or use my contact form to shoot me a message!

The Selah Course is NOW AVAILABLE! Sign up below:

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The Selah minute week 3

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