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When did it start?

The distance that has grown between your and God didn’t happen overnight.

Was it busyness?

A new baby?

A new job?

However it happened, it’s time to make a change.

But a busy person doesn’t have much time to make a major shift in their daily life.

But I’m sure you have 3-5 minutes.

With more on our plate, we shouldn’t be growing further from God, we need Him now more than ever.

Elizebeth Gidley


I'm Elizebeth Gidley.

When I had my first child, I went months without spending time with God because I believed that I needed “quiet time” but there was no quiet time.

I was raising a new baby on my own while my husband was deployed overseas.

As time went on, I started to panic because I had convinced myself that I needed to get alone with God to grow our relationship. 

My biggest turning point was realizing that God could meet me exactly where I was at any time. I wasn’t going to let the busyness in life drive a wedge between my Savior and me.

That’s when I created The S.E.L.A.H. Method, and although I’m not as busy anymore, it has become so much of a habit that God is now a natural part of every part of my day

Learning to turn to God in the best and worst moments of your day will:

Which leads you to being a wife and mom that the people around you want to imitate because they see Jesus in you.

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What's in the Course?

This course will teach you how to use daily life cues to seek God. Since most of the events that happen during our day are tied to our emotions, each day my course will focus on a specific emotion. 

You’ll learn to use that emotion as a cue to Selah- pause and seek God. Using The S.E.L.A.H. Method

5 free scripture cards for each day

The S.E.L.A.H. Method is easy and simple to apply. Once it becomes a discipline to use life cues to seek God you’ll be set on a path of closeness with your Father.

The S.E.L.A.H. Method Explained

Time is passing and distance is growing between you and God.

But how can you grow closer to God when you literally have no time?

I can help you find the time to spend with Jesus. Don’t put it off any longer.

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