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Picture of Elizebeth Gidley owner of MomminFromScratch

Welcome, I’m Elizebeth! I started this blog in 2018 to help wives and mommies in the trenches of their everyday lives. Whether that is figuring out how to better your marriage, friendships, mothering, yourself, and relationship with Jesus.

Whether you’re a tired or energized mommy, a new or experienced wife, a young or mature Christian, I believe I have something to share with you. There’s hope in Jesus in all of our circumstances. There’s wisdom that He freely gives to help us navigate through every aspect of our lives. I’m just here to share the wisdom that I’ve prayed desperately for and thank God for every day. Let me help you see that there is a spiritual side to all that we do and experience in life, including the mundane and hard times.

My background

I grew up in Washington state, in an environment that I can really only describe as evil. My mother and father separated when I was four and my mother brought home a boyfriend that violently abused my siblings and me daily for seven years.

In those seven years, despite all that was happening, I found and came to Jesus when I was eight years old. But knowing very little about my savior, I thought that since He saved me from my sins, that He would also immediately save me from my situation. But He didn’t, which made me turn my back on God for many, many years. When our abuser was finally removed from our house, my mother found another man to make our lives miserable until I finally escaped when I was seventeen.

There are so many hardships that formed who I am today, but I can undoubtedly look back and see how God was always there with me. Whether it was an escape to my grandmother’s for the summer or a friend’s loving mom, He always brought joy into the chaos of my home life.

I learned how to survive and rise above my circumstances and make something out of nothing. It’s by the grace of God I am who I am today.

When I was nineteen, I rededicated my life to Christ and have never turned away since. It was the second-best decision I made in my life, next to giving my life to God in the first place. He’s turned me away from being an angry, hurtful teenager, to a loving mother.

He’s guided me through forgiveness and learning how to be to my children what my mother could never be to me. When I don’t have an example to look back on, I ask for His wisdom. In a sense, I guess it’s better to come into marriage and mothering with a few good examples to draw from because I get to draw from the One who created us and knows best.

Where I am now

I am a newly single mother (after being married for 12 years), and I’ve just rebranded my website’s name to mommin’ from scratch because that’s how I’m doing life right now-from scratch. I’m putting my heart and soul into this blog to share my unique perspective on life. I always want to further my growth as a daughter of Jesus, mommy and friend. I’m constantly learning, growing and changing. I may be completely over-ambitious at times with too much on my plate but I just refuse to stay stagnant in life. There’s always room for fun and growth. 

I am also currently writing a book about my childhood in hopes that my story will help others see the power of Jesus and speak up for children who cannot speak for themselves. 

My goals

I want to show you that Jesus can be a part of every single part of our days.

I want to help you find ways to make your life easier, whether that is in your marriage, motherhood, or your walk with Christ.

The challenges I have gone through have given me a unique perspective on life. I approach everything with a mindset of “how can I incorporate Christ?” and “how can I make this easier?” I want to share the experience I have and the wisdom God has given me to help others make their lives easier.

I want to fill in the blanks of your life- from scratch.

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