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The Selah method 5 day email course

The S.E.L.A.H. Method Email Course

Has distance crept in between you and Jesus?

Learn how to use life cues to grow closer to God!

I’ll teach you how to take average moments in your day to close the gap between you and God!

Marriage Revival Course

5 Day Marriage Revival Course

If you’re in a rut in your marriage, you’re not alone.

Take my marriage revival course alongside your spouse and build the marriage of your dreams starting with the right foundation!

Free Trello Bootcamp for Bloggers

Blog Organization Trello Bootcamp

Need some help organizing your blog? 

Let me show you how to save time by putting 5 of your most common blogging tasks in Trello!
Includes bonus Trello boards each day!

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Hello! I’m Elizebeth!

I’m a woman who’s building her life on the wisdom and foundation of Christ. Coming from a broken home full of domestic violence; I’ve started my life, my family and faith from scratch, asking God to guide me. And here, I share the wisdom that He has blessed me with throughout my life.

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