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Introduction to Trello to Organize Your Blog

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Are you having a hard time trying to organize your blog? You’ve landed in the right place. 

Running a blog is hard work, and being unorganized wastes time.

I want to show you how to organize your blog for free. Because organizing is my jam and I love helping people!

Free Trello Bootcamp for Bloggers

Watch this short video to begin to Organize your blog:

In this video, I’ll show you a short introduction on Trello and what it can do!

I’ll cover:

  • Creating a Board
  • Creating Lists
  • Saving links inside your cards
  • Creating Cards
  • Creating Labels
  • Saving a PDF for a course inside your cards
  • Creating Checklists
  • Creating due dates

This is the beginning of a series of blog organization videos

Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel so that you’ll be updated when my next videos are released!

Not all the videos will be about Trello, I want you to organize every aspect of your blog so make sure to stay tuned because I have some awesome content coming!

If you’d like to check out the next video see it here:

How to Make a Blog To do List in Trello

Courses I mention in the video:

The first course mentioned is my own! My course teaches you how to track, organize and pin your pins efficiently from Trello:

Manual Pinning Organization in Trello

And the second is from PotPieGirl, it’s a course that teaches you how to make a blog post (or as many as you want) bring you passive income every month.

PotPieGirl’s Niche Post Conversions


This is only the first introduction video to Trello! You’re going to love what’s coming next! I want to show you how to organize your blog so well that you will stop wasting time on disorganization!  Stick around and watch my next videos to begin organizing your blog!

And make sure to join my Facebook group The Organized Blog Society!

Ready to get your Blog Organized?

Trello Blog Processes Blueprint infographic

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PS. I just started an awesome group for anyone who likes to be or aspires to be organized in their blogging! To join click here:

THE organized Blog Society Facebook Group

introduction to trello to organize your blog or business

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