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Free 6 Month Editorial Calendar for your Blog Planner

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Make sure to scroll to the bottom of this post to grab your Free 6-month Editorial Calendar for your Blog Planner!

I recently wrote a post about how I hacked my planner to work for my blog and my personal life. Since I am not using a “blogging planner” I needed to figure out a way to plan my posts and stick them in my planner. So I made something! And of course, I wanted to share that with all of you!

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Free Printable 6 Month Editorial Calendar for your Blog Planner

This printable comes in 2 sizes.

I use a nice big Passion Planner that I absolutely love! So I made a full size 8.5×11 printable, you can use by itself or put in the classic Passion Planner.

And I also made a smaller size that will fit in most planners. Size 6×8. By signing up for my email list you’ll get access to both. Of course, they’ll be without watermarks.

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Free 6 Month Editorial Calendar for your Blog Planner #editorialcalendar #blogging #freeprintable

Here’s a preview of the smaller size with watermark:

Free 6 Month Editorial Calendar for your Blog Planner #blogplanner #freeprintable

How to use the Editorial Calendar

An editorial calendar helps you plan out your blog posts but I made this one a little bit different.

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FIRST- Print two.

It’s six months and I don’t know about you, but I like to plan for a year. So I print two and tape them into my planner on opposite sides to make up a whole year.

The Focus Box

Editorial Calendar Focus Box

I like to plan what I’ll be working on each month so I put a “Focus” box for each month. That focus could be anything for you, but for me, it’s usually something like email marketing or SEO. I take an entire month to dive into a subject so that I can fully comprehend and apply it.

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The Courses Box

Do you buy courses and never know when to go through them? For me, I like my courses to match up with my “focus” for that month. So I like buying the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit. It’s only available twice a year and it comes chock-full of courses and information.

The Posts Box

Editorial Calendar posts section of printable

The post box is, of course, the main focus here. There are 12 spaces to write out your posts. Most people only post once or twice a week so there should be plenty of space to write out your month.

The Blank Box

Editorial Calendar month and blank box

I use the blank box to plan what products I’m creating for that month. I also add affiliate launches. My favorite affiliate is Ultimate Bundles. So I make sure to add what bundle they’ll be having for the month if I’m going to share it with my audience.


I made this editorial calendar for my Passion Planner and wanted to share it with my blogging buddies! Make sure to read through the post to make the most out of this printable! Grab yours here below:

manual pinning organizationin trello

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Free 6 Month Editorial Calendar for your Blog Planner

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