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The Jesus Storybook Bible is the Best Bible for Children

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This post will tell you why The Jesus Storybook Bible is the best Bible for Children.

Has a friend ever shown you something that was unforgettable? That’s what happened to my husband and me almost ten years ago. Our friends showed us a book. One so incredible I told myself I would have to buy one if I ever had children.

And I kept my promise to myself. It was one of my first purchases when I became pregnant.

What makes the Jesus Storybook Bible the best Bible for children?

What’s so incredible about this Bible, is every single story points back to Jesus.

Jesus Storybook Bible page

Everything that is written in this Bible leads back to Jesus. Just like in the Bible except this breaks it down into bite size pieces for children. And makes everything crystal clear. The gospel is on every page.

The Jesus Storybook Bible is the best bible for children

What do children think of this children’s Bible?

We are a book family. I love reading to my children, and now that my six-year-old can read, books are a constant daily event in our home.

They ask me to read different books all the time, but they want to read from the Jesus Storybook Bible every day. It’s even a part of our homeschool schedule.

Jesus storybook bible page

My two-year-old daughter grabs this and asks me to read her the Bible. She loves it just as much as the rest of us! And she will sit still and listen to the stories in this Bible for what seems like forever.

There are pictures on every page that keep my kids attention. and it also helps them remember the stories.

Jesus Story Book Bible

It’s chock-full of the BEST bible stories

This Bible highlights all of the memorable stories in the Bible plus some extras. And it doesn’t skimp on truth or sugar coat anything. It gives God’s word, just in kid terms.

I know that when my children grow up and they remember the stories from the Bible, their first memories are going to be what we read from this Bible.

They’ll remember the illustrations and they’ll remember what was said. They won’t read the Bible later on and it will be different from what I read to them as children. That’s what’s so incredible about this, I can’t think of anything that I would change.

Jesus Storybook Bible open pages

Where can you get the best bible for children?

You can grab this Bible quickly from Amazon right now! It’s listed on Amazon as a best seller! Probably because it’s so amazing.


There are many children’s Bibles out on the market. But none compare to The Jesus Storybook Bible. It is hands down the best Bible for Children. Make sure to head here to Amazon to grab your copy!


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