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How to Organize your Facebook Groups for Bloggers in Trello

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Have you joined a bunch of Facebook Groups? Do you use them? I want to show you how to organize ALL your Facebook groups for Bloggers!

There are some pretty amazing groups out there, but the way Facebook is set up, you’ll never really see them in your feed or be notified when there is a post, so I’ve figured out a way to not only organize your groups but to also create a schedule for when you can post to them!

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 If you’re anything like me, you’re a member of a pretty significant number of Facebook groups.

But are you using them to their full potential?

I want to show you how to use Trello to organize, sort through and then create a manageable schedule of all your Facebook groups.

Because let’s be real, they all serve a purpose. And if you’ve joined them then you don’t want them sitting on the hypothetical shelf.

Here’s an extra tip for organizing your Facebook Groups:

As you’re sorting through, if you find a group that you joined but isn’t relevant to you anymore, go ahead and leave.

Take that extra weight off and move on.

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Labels to add to your board:

These are the labels I have used on my Facebook Groups board. You, of course, can name yours whatever seems right for you.

Labels for Facebook Groups for Bloggers in Trello

What to include in each Facebook Group card

Each card should include:

  • The Title to the group as the card title
  • Labels to mark what the group is about
  • Inside the card should be a  link to the group
  • You should also include any notes about the group that you have
  • If it is a sharing group and there is a graphic to when you can post, screenshot it and add it into the card. (I use Snipping Tool it comes with my windows computer. If you search your computer it will come up, I pin it to my taskbar.)

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how to Organize Facebook Groups For Bloggers In Trello

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