How to Upload to Instagram from PC {How to Post on Instagram from laptop}

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Have you ever wanted to stay on your computer while you upload to Instagram? Well, now you can! I’m going to show you how to upload to Instagram from PC. This will save you so much time!

How to Upload to Instagram from PC

There are several ways to do this however, I’ve found from a Google Chrome browser it is the easiest. Since I do most of my work from my laptop and not my phone I was desperate to find a way to upload to Instagram from my computer.

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This hack can help anyone who saves their photos to their desktop and hates wasting time sending those photos from their computer to their phone just to be able to upload to Instagram. It’s super frustrating having to jump through hoops just to post a picture.

This tutorial will save you lots of time and frustration by cutting out transferring to your phone and simply showing you how to post to Instagram from PC.

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Step by step directions how to post on Instagram from pc from Google Chrome

  1. Install the Google Chrome extension Downloader for Instagram. This extension also lets you download your photos off of Instagram to your computer.
  2. Enable the extension
  3. Log into your Instagram account
  4. Click on your profile and then click this icon:

upload to instagram from pc

Then choose your photo, pick if you want it to be uploaded to your profile or stories.

Add your description and voila! Uploaded.

how to upload to instagram from PC

How to Post on Instagram from laptop

Here’s a video tutorial since I use Chrome to upload to my Instagram. I did this from my laptop:

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This tutorial shows you how to upload to Instagram from PC.  Make sure to join me on Facebook at The Organized Blog Society! And don’t forget to sign up for my mini-course!

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how to post on instagram from laptop

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  1. Thank you so much for this!!! I really dislike having to do it from my phone; this solution is perfect 🙂 And now I can upload all the quotes I wanted to create but was too lazy to do because I thought I’d have to go through hoops to post them, lol!

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