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3d Printed Christmas Ornaments to Make with Kids {Kid Friendly DIY ornaments}

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Looking for a fun kid-friendly DIY ornament? These 3d Printed Christmas ornaments to make with kids are perfect! Your children can cut them out and they can become keepsakes for you! The file for these can be downloaded and printed an unlimited number of times so you can have your kids do these every year and see how they color them differently!

3d Christmas Ornaments to Make with Kids

3d christmas ornaments to make with kid




This tops the list of easy Christmas crafts to make

This craft is so fun for children! They get to make 3d printed ornaments completely their own by coloring and customizing it to their liking! You can keep these crafts for years to come as keepsakes!

Supplies Needed:

  • Paper- (thick paper like cardstock works best)
  • Printer with black ink
  • Something to color with ( like crayons, color pencils, markers, etc)
  • Scissors
  • Glue – Wet glue or a glue stick
  • Ribbon
  • Creativity

Extra tips:

If your child is young and just learning how to use scissors, it may be best if an adult cuts out the shape so that the ornament can be put together correctly.

These children’s Christmas ornament template to make with paper comes with 5 coloring sheets

3d christmas ornaments to make with kids all sheets

Kid-Friendly DIY Printable Christmas Ornaments step by step instructions

3d christmas ornaments to make with kids all steps in a collage

1. Color the kids Christmas ornaments

First, grab your coloring medium and color the 3d paper ornaments! Or you can do like I did (not pictured) and set a bucket of crayons, colored pencils and markers in front of my children and let them have at it!

diy Kids christmas ornaments

2. Cut

Cut around the solid line for each of the ornament sides on the paper. If your child is new to cutting, you may want to do the cutting yourself so that the sides fit properly together.

christmas crafts for kids

3. Fold in half

Fold all pieces in half on the dotted line so that the colored side is on the inside.

christmas crafts for kids

4. Glue each side together

Put glue on the blank side of one folded piece and glue the next piece onto it until you only have one folded piece left.

make homemade christmas ornaments with kids

5. Glue ribbon into the kids Christmas ornaments

Place a dab of glue near the top of the ornament on each side and place ribbon onto each dab of glue.

children's christmas decorations to make with paper

6. Glue closed, let dry and voila it’s fun Christmas ornaments to make at home!

These Christmas crafts for kids are perfect to add to your Christmas crafts list! Once they come together they are beautiful 3d paper Christmas decorations!

kid friendly diy ornaments

Where to get the 3d Christmas Ornaments to Make with Kids

You can grab these and other Christmas prints in my shop!

Click below to grab these:


If you’d like to make these 3d Christmas Ornaments to Make with Kids you can head here to my shop and grab them for a special price! 

I’d love to see your creations in the comments below!

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Kid Friendly DIY ornaments

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