The Best Blogging Resources you need to prepare for 2019

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As you prepare for the new year, how are you planning it so that it is the best year for your blog? It’s no surprise that we need tools and courses to propel our success. I’ve compiled a list of the very best blogging resources to get you ready for 2019.

Free Trello Bootcamp for Bloggers

The Best Blogging Resources for planning your entire year

This blogging resource is just something you cannot skip. And for the price EVERY BLOGGER NEEDS IT. I have no clue how Meera Kothand is selling this for so cheap.  It should be a $200 course. I read this book and planned out my entire next year. Sidenote- if you haven’t heard of Meera Kothand, she is one of the best people to learn email from. Any and all of her resources are incredible.

The One Hour Content Plan by Meera Kothand

Create- by Meera Kothand

While you’re at it, her editorial calendar should also be added to your cart. It meshes perfectly with One Hour Content Plan to get your planning done quick and efficient.  This editorial calendar is ah-mazing. She breaks down content planning into quarters and then down to months. Her resources also come with bonuses to get the most out of all her products.

Blogging Resources to propel your Blogging in 2019

Google Pleaser by Jennifer Ledbetter

You may have taken an SEO course- this is an SEO course on steroids. Her way of finding keywords and adding them to help you rank at number one jaw-dropping. And I’m not just saying that. My jaw hung open the entire time I was taking this course. It’s easy, quick – and my all time favorite- blog life changing.  Grab Google Please here now

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What Works Now 2019 by Jennifer Ledbetter

Want to know the changes that you need to make now to get ready for the new year? This book is FULL of tips you can implement right away to make huge differences in so many areas of your blog.  Jennifer’s resources are incredible and she has never let me down. There’s a reason why people flock to her products as soon as she releases them. They’re amazing. Grab What Works Now 2019 here now.

Blogging Resources for Pinterest

Pinteresting Strategies by Carly Campbell (Use code pinning5 to SAVE $5!)

Oh Pinterest, if only we could unlock the door to one of our biggest traffic potentials. Well, guess what? Carly Campbell has. And I’m not just saying that- she has proved it to me time and time again by following her strategy.

record numbers by Carly Campbell

I didn’t have time to manually pin for a while, and I started back up and I woke up to these numbers. They’ve stayed consistent by following her method. Grab Pinteresting Strategies here (Use code pinning5 to save $5)

Manual Pinning Organization in Trello

If you’re going to manually pin, you need to be organized. When I started implementing Pinteresting Strategies, I loved how fast I was getting results but it also was just a mess. I had no clue when or where I pinned. And I didn’t want to be spamming boards so I created a system to organize my pins and pin from Trello ( Trello is a free online workspace that you can also use to organize your blog.)

Forget spreadsheets, frustration and pin stress and grab Manual Pinning Organization in Trello here.

manual pinning organizationin trello

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Need to Organize your resources?

Grab my Organized Resources Course!

Organized Resources Mastering Your Bookmarks for Blog Productivity

Ready to get your Blog Organized?

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