How to Alter your Planner to Fit your Life AND your Blog

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This post will show you how to alter your planner to fit your life AND your blog.

Alright, I did something a little crazy AND unconventional. But I found a solution to fit all of my blog plans and all of my life into one big planner.

If you’re new to knowing me, I’m a little obsessed with organizing my blog. so when I needed to find a planner to fit my needs and couldn’t I had to figure out a “make it work” moment.

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Let’s start with the best planner I could find to fit all my needs

I must say, I ordered the Living Well Spending Less planner first. But it took a while to get here because it was a product launch for them, and I was impatient so my best blogging friend and I started looking elsewhere. And I’m so glad we did.

Disclaimer- the Living Well Spending Less planner is amazing. I love it to pieces, so much that I can’t wait to use it, but for now it’s waiting for a special time since it’s undated anyways. Plus it comes with an amazingly helpful website and organized driven Facebook group!

how to HACK your planner to fit your life and your blog #howtoblog #planner #organization

In our search, we happened upon the passion planner.

It’s a plain, no-frills planner. Black and white. They have planners that have colored and decorated covers but those are all dated. The undated passion planner is perfect for my hack.

Passion planner

This planner is big. Like regular paper size big. So there is enough space to write everything in it that I need. Plus the days have time slots instead of blank spaces so that I can time block to get more done.

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Plus you can always customize the black and white with colored pens and stickers

My favorite pens are the erasable Frixion pens, markers and highlighters:

And here are some stickers you can use in the planner:

How to Alter your planner to fit your life and your blog

Alright, remember I said this is unconventional so don’t burn me at the stakes for suggesting this!

I have altered my planner to use for only 6 months. 

Yeah, that’s right. 6 months!

I use all 12 months in my planner, but I have them separated two months at a time.

One month for my life.

One month for my blog.

Side by side.

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(now don’t judge my tabs, they’re temporary until I can find some pretty ones)

Passion Planner two month tabs

How to hack your planner to use for 6 months for use with regular life and blog life

What I love about the passion planner is that it has all the months in the beginning of the planner. So it makes it seamless when I’m putting the same month right next to the other.

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I put each month side by side. I just started this planner and it’s the end of October. I know- more planner no-nos.  I didn’t start at the beginning of the academic or the real year. I just started because I needed a planner asap! I couldn’t wait any longer! And since I’m only using it for 6 months, I’ll need another one soon anyways so who knows, I may start over at the beginning of the year.

So here is my month of November for my personal life (it’s not fully filled out):

Passion Planner month of November

And here is my month of November for my blog (again, not fully filled out):

Since I’m using this for 6 weeks, I will have lots of extra “week pages” make sure to stay tuned so I can show you what I’m using them for!

Passion Planner tabs


I use the Passion Planner and I hacked it to use it for only 6 months. Using two month spreads at a time for each month. One for my personal life and one for my blog so that I can use one planner instead of two. This has made my planning so much simpler since I have everything in one place!

manual pinning organizationin trello

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PS. Come join my awesome group for anyone who likes to be or aspires to be organized in their blogging! To join click here:

THE organized Blog Society Facebook Group

how to alter your planner to fit your life and your blog #blogging #planner #hack

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