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There seems to be an ongoing debate in the blogging community whether scheduled or manual pinning gets better results. I’m here to tell you the clear winner- manual pinning. And the BEST strategy out there for it is Pinteresting Strategies. So here is my honest Pinteresting Strategies review:

How long does it take for the course to start showing results?

I bought the Pinteresting Strategies ebook in April of 2018 when it was just an ebook.  My blog was a mere month old. I started implementing it and I was so impatient that I asked in Carly’s group how long it would take to see results.

my honest review of pinteresting strategies

Everyone told me to hang tight and wait it out, keep consistent because it doesn’t happen overnight. Which is totally true. About two weeks later I had my first viral pin. I got over 1300 page views in one day and I couldn’t believe it!

Here’s my actual post in the group about it (I marked out the price because it’s an old price)

Pinteresting Strategies facebook post may

I would say on average it takes about 2-4 weeks to start seeing results.  I know this because this wasn’t the first time I implemented the strategy. This is a real fast Pinterest course you can implement quickly.

How I solved the manual pinning dilemma

The problem with manual pinning is it’s a mess. You have no clue when you last pinned your pin or where to. So I created a system to organize it that didn’t involve a spreadsheet.

I was already using Trello to organize my blog, so I began pinning from it too. I loved my system so much I decided to create a course to help others with the same dilemma. You can check out the Manual Pinning Organization in Trello course here:

manual pinning organizationin trello

The second time I implemented Pinteresting Strategies

Shortly after my first viral pin, something crazy happened with my site. I switched from http to https with Bluehost (I  have since switched to BigScoots) and Bluehost wrecked my site. So when pinners clicked over, they saw a jumbled mess. It got fixed after about a week (once I actually noticed the problem) and severe damage had been done.

I’m pretty sure my account got flagged somehow and my stats dropped like crazy and I couldn’t get them back. No matter how hard I tried, and how much I reached out to Pinterest asking them to double check my account my stats were dead.

So I gave up.

Gave up on Analytics for months

I began to focus on other things for my blog and I wasn’t even barely pinning.

But then something crazy happened again. My Pinterest account got suspended in what I like to call the great sweep of  Fall 2018. There was no reason for the suspension, people were being suspended left and right and my account got caught in it.

When I got my account back I’m pretty sure it reset, and what I had been thinking all along (that there was some sort of mark on my account) had to have been true because I began to get traffic again.

When I saw my traffic rising I immediately began to implement manual pinning again with Pinteresting Strategies + my organizing method.

Started using Pinteresting Strategies with Trello

Using this course to get into MediaVine

About two weeks after implementing my traffic took off. I was getting over a thousand page views a day almost consistently. And a few weeks later I was able to apply for MediaVine and I was accepted.

There are so many courses out there but I believe that the fastest way to get great traffic and be able to apply quickly to an ad company is by using Pinteresting Strategies.

You can read my full Pinterest Traffic Recipe here.

Pinteresting Strategies Code for $5 off

You can use code pinning5 to save $5 off of the purchase price of the course!

Head here to grab Pinteresting Strategies now!

And if you’d like free Pinterest tips, sign up below for a FREE Trello board full of Pinterest tips, tricks and troubleshooting!

my honest review of pinteresting strategies

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