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The Simplest Prayer for Fear to Conquer all Worry

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It started with the hall light coming on in the middle of the night. Him rushing into my room to take his anger out on me. Sometimes it would wait until morning for me to find out the punishment I would receive for just still being alive. Some days it would be to lift my hand to scratch an itch after standing in the corner for hours.

But most days, it was his steps. First, the sound of his car pulling into the parking spot. And then his slow dragged steps up our stairs to our second-floor apartment. I always heard them from sitting in the same spot. Just waiting in suspense to see what he was going to do to me.

Fear was a constant part of my life for so long that when I was finally free, I didn’t know how to let go. It was a part of my identity.

When my abuser left, the physical evidence of abuse lingered. I would flinch when someone raised their hand too fast. Or hesitate to speak to an adult about anything.

But as years passed, the fear wasn’t visible to the outside world anymore, it just lingered in me. It was loud in the quiet moments of my days. And present when I was in the room with an adult.

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Allowing fear to control me

For years, as a teenager, I tried to hide my overwhelming fear and act as fearless as I could. When I rededicated my life to Christ when I was 19, I continued to lean on my fear more than Christ.

When I got engaged, I had to have a conversation with my now husband that I hated being in fear. I asked him to never try to scare me. To not jump out of a hiding place for fun and startle me or anything that would ever place unnecessary fear into my life. Because it could never be fun for me. I’m grateful to have an understanding husband.

When I became an adult and realized that I was an adult the fear of older adults began to dissipate.

But it seemed as though every time I thought I had some part of my fear under control a new issue arose.

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Struggling with anxiety and fearful thoughts

I don’t know when I began to recognize how fearful my thoughts were but I know that I realized how much of an issue it was a fear years ago. Everything intensifies after you have children. The thoughts of what could happen to them would sometimes grow out of control for me.

I would start out with a simple fear and my mind would take me seventy-five steps into the future at their funerals. A simple trip and fall from them would make me think that somehow they would get a brain bleed and I wouldn’t know it and end up with permanent brain damage or death.

I had to get this issue under control and realizing that I couldn’t do it on my own is what changed everything.

Collage of a woman holding and presenting a prayer journal. The text promotes a 60-day guided prayer journal to enhance one's prayer life and highlights its value in nurturing and organizing prayers.

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Before we go over this prayer, I’d love to offer you a free Scripture Card to conquer fear! Sign up below to grab it:

The simple prayer that changed my life

I can’t take credit for this prayer. Because I’m sure it came from God. I had been praying to overcome my fear for years. And once I had this prayer, I felt like I was armed with the best defense to fight my fear.

So every time an anxious thought would come (and they still do) I say a simple prayer for fear:

“Lord let my faith in You be stronger than my fear.”


When I began to pray this, at first, the onslaught of thoughts would still pour in.

This prayer needed to become a discipline for me that every time I had an anxious or fearful thought I would pray.

Eventually, the rabbit hole thoughts stopped. They were replaced with strength and courage from my Savior.

And the best part? The peace that fills my life.

Do the thoughts still come? Yes. But prayer works.

This a perfect prayer for when you are worried. You can also use this prayer against fear and doubt.

Additional Action steps to remove fear from your life

This prayer was given to me after years of growing close to Jesus. And understanding who He is through His word. It’s hard to trust someone that you don’t know. To trust that they can handle all of your problems. So here are some additional steps to help with fear and every aspect of your life:

1. Read your Bible

The Bible is called our “daily” bread for a reason. We should be reading the word of God every day. In this day and age, it’s made pretty easy. You can order a Bible from Amazon (I recommend this study Bible) and have it in two days, or even download the Bible app to your phone and get a daily Scripture notification.

If you don’t know where to start reading your Bible, you can check out my article here on How to Read the New Testament which also comes with a free reading plan.

2. Find your community

When we come to know Jesus, we aren’t meant to do it alone. God created the church so that we can fellowship with other believers, learn His word and serve Him.

Find a good church in your city. Sign up for a Bible study and make some friends. It’s incredible how God has taken people from all sorts of walks of life and made them our sisters and brothers in Him. They are your family.

3. Pray

Yes, this article is already about a simple prayer. A simple prayer for strength and peace of mind. But God wants you to pour out your heart to Him. He wants to help. The Bible says that we can cast all our anxiety on Him who cares for us. (1 Peter 5:7)

It is ok to ask God for help. It is ok to talk to Him about your day. And it is ok to let Him know how you feel, even if you’re angry with Him. He wants to communicate with you. He wants you to talk to Him.

4. Intentionally spend time with your Savior

The closer you grow to God, the easier conquering fear becomes. It helps you realize that fear comes from Satan, and God has already defeated him. Reading your word helps you understand the power of God, and that He can help you. Praying and having your prayers answered proves to you that Jesus is by your side and always willing to help.

We need to be able to intentionally spend time with God. You can do this by setting time aside every day to read your Bible and pray. I also have a resource on 25 quick ways to spend time with God.

Some of us don’t have that time. As busy wives or mamas, we barely have time to do anything for ourselves. I have created a free email course to solve this problem. It teaches you how to use life cue’s to grow closer to God. So that you are consistently spending time with Him. You can check out The Free S.E.L.A.H. Method email course here.

5. Memorize Scripture

In addition to saying the simple prayer above, memorizing Scripture is powerful. Combating fear or anything in your life with the word of God is incredible.

I’ve included a free Fear Scripture Card in this post. With this scripture card you can print it out and put it in a place you often are. It’s size 4×6 so it can fit in a frame or even go in your purse. You can also screenshot it and keep it on your phone.

The point of memorizing scripture is to use it when you need it. So when fear arises you can speak or think the scripture to combat the thoughts or feelings of fear with God’s word.

You can grab the printable here:

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