75+ Easy Holiday Blog Post Ideas for 2024 (Blog About Holidays)

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Need ideas to blog about holidays? This guide shares 75+ holiday blog post ideas to inspire lifestyle, fashion, food, DIY, and more niche bloggers. Be inspired to create popular seasonal content like a pro!

As bloggers, we know that creating content for each holiday season helps give our traffic and income a boost. Whether you’re writing content for Easter or Christmas holiday blog posts are a great way to engage your audience, drive traffic, and potentially earn revenue during the busiest e-commerce seasons.

I’ve put together over 75 of the best holiday blog post ideas to inspire you. No matter what your niche is, you’ll find festive blog topics to help spread holiday cheer. Let’s get started!

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Why Create Holiday Blog Content?

Before jumping into the ideas, let’s review why holiday content should be part of your blogging strategy:

  • Seasonal content attracts new readers. People search for gift ideas, recipes, decor tips, and more around the holidays. Writing relevant posts allows you to get found by new audiences.
  • It keeps your blog fresh and engaging for regular readers. Sprinkle in some holiday posts so your blog doesn’t feel stale.
  • Holiday shoppers spend more money. Showcasing gift guides and seasonal products allows you to earn affiliate revenue.
  • The earlier you publish, the better. Holiday SEO takes time to rank, so start planning and writing content at least 4-6 months in advance.
  • Evergreen holiday posts can be updated and repurposed year after year. Add new products, tips, and trends to keep content fresh.

Now let’s look at 75+ winning holiday blog topics you can start writing today!

75 Blog About Holidays Ideas

Gift Guides

Gift guides are common yet effective holiday blog posts. Curate gift ideas and products without directly selling to your audience. Focus on providing ideas at varying price points.

You can get creative with different gift guide angles:

  • Gift ideas for your niche/audience
  • Gift guide for him and/or her
  • Gifts under $25/$50/$100
  • Gift ideas by theme, like “gifts for foodies”

Holiday Traditions and Celebrations Blog Post Ideas

Share your holiday traditions, favorite seasonal recipes, decor tips, and more. These cultural, family-focused posts resonate with readers.

Ideas include:

  • Holiday decoration tours or tips
  • Meanings behind holidays and traditions
  • Your family’s traditions and recipes
  • Holiday books and movies to enjoy

Holiday Season Bucket Lists

Help readers make the most of the holiday season by creating seasonal bucket lists. These could include:

  • Holiday activities in your city
  • Festive foods and drinks to try
  • Holiday movies checklist
  • Holiday books to read
  • Holiday playlists or music
  • Holiday crafts and DIY projects

Outfit Inspiration for Holiday Blog Ideas

Fashion and style bloggers can provide outfit inspiration for holiday parties, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and more. Focus on trends, ideas for dressing up or down, and tips for looking stylish all season long for your blog about holidays.

Holiday Home Decor

Bloggers can share holiday home decor guides, Mantlescapes, tablescapes, and ideas for decorating every room. Include holiday-specific content like how to decorate for Kwanzaa or Hanukkah. DIY projects also do well.

Holiday Recipes Blog Post Topics

Food bloggers should definitely create holiday-themed recipes. Ideas include:

  • Christmas cookies and desserts
  • Hanukkah dishes
  • Christmas dinner menus
  • Cocktails and drinks for celebrations
  • Easy holiday appetizers

Holiday Gift Ideas for Blog Traffic

We covered gift guides earlier, but you can also create gift idea posts focused on specific people or interests. Ideas:

  • Gifts for him/her
  • Gifts for foodies, travelers, etc.
  • Experience gift ideas
  • Gifts under $50
  • Last minute gifts
  • Neighbor gift ideas

Seasonal Self-Care and Pampering

The holidays bring fun but also stress and busyness. Share tips for practicing self care, mental health, and pampering during the season to blog about holidays. Ideas include:

  • Managing holiday stress
  • Pampering routines – DIY or gift ideas
  • Holistic health and wellness tips
  • Setting boundaries

Holiday Budgeting Tips

Many people overspend during the holidays. Provide money-saving tips like:

  • Making a holiday budget
  • Affordable gift ideas
  • Managing credit card debt
  • Cutting travel costs
  • Hosting on a budget
  • Low-cost holiday activities

Best of 2024 Recap

Write a “Best of 2024” post highlighting your favorites and milestones from the year. Recaps make great evergreen posts that people search when planning for the new year. Include:

  • Favorite products
  • Top blog posts
  • Milestones and accomplishments
  • New skills learned
  • Top entertainment like books/movies
  • Major news and events that defined 2024

Holiday Travel or Trip Ideas

If you blog about travel, share holiday-specific trip ideas and tips like:

  • The best Christmas markets around the world
  • Where to travel during the holidays
  • Holiday cruises or getaways
  • Booking holiday travel deals

New Year’s Resolutions Guide

Help readers make realistic New Year’s resolutions with posts like:

  • Creative New Year’s resolution ideas
  • Tips for actually achieving resolutions
  • New Year’s resolution checklist or templates
  • Quitting resolutions that don’t work

“Surviving the Holidays” Content

For some, the holidays bring loneliness, grief, stress, or family challenges. Provide tips for getting through difficult times like:

  • Coping with grief and loss
  • Managing family relationships
  • Self-care when lonely
  • Affording gifts and travel
  • Having difficult conversations

Holiday Christmas Content

Christmas offers many blog post angles, like:

  • Christmas gift ideas
  • Christmas recipes
  • Christmas books/movies lists
  • Christmas crafts and activities
  • Christmas traditions around the world
  • Religious meaning of Christmas

Small Business Gift Guides

Support small/local businesses by creating gift guides that highlight their products. You can feature businesses in your area or within a niche like Black-owned businesses.

Gratitude, Reflection, or Goals Content

The new year provides a natural opportunity for reflection, gratitude, and goal-setting. Blog post ideas include:

  • Looking back on the past year
  • Goals for the new year
  • Gratitude journaling prompts
  • Intention-setting for the new year

 Hosting Tips and Advice

Share expertise on hosting holiday meals, parties, gift exchanges and more. Ideas include:

  • Finger food and appetizers
  • Holiday cocktails and drinks
  • Inexpensive hosting ideas
  • Easy cleanup tips

Printables and Planners

Create and share holiday printables, planners, and planning pages. Ideas include:

  • Budget planners
  • Gift wish lists
  • Holiday bucket lists
  • Gift exchange or white elephant planners

Holiday Affiliate Marketing

The holidays offer opportunities to earn from affiliate links. Be helpful and suggest:

  • Kitchen tools for holiday cooking
  • Hostess gift ideas
  • Products to help with organization

DIY and Craft Tutorials

Share DIY and craft projects perfect for gifting like:

  • Holiday wreaths
  • Christmas tree ornaments
  • Holiday home decor
  • Holiday candle making
  • Christmas stockings

Key Takeaways

The wide variety of holiday content ideas in this post prove you can find a way to weave holiday themes into any blog niche.

Brainstorm seasonal post ideas that would interest your target audience. Get a head start on writing now so you have lots of festive content to publish throughout the holidays.

Repurpose evergreen content from year to year with updates and new trends added. This saves you time while providing fresh content readers look forward to.

Focus on being helpful rather than overly promotional. Gift guides, tips, and how-tos will engage readers rather than annoy them during the holidays.

What holiday content will you create? We hope these 20 blog post ideas provided a spark of inspiration to make this your most festive blogging season yet!

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I publish holiday content?

If you’re trying to rank for SEO, it depends on your domain authority. If you have high DA then you only need to publish 1-2 months before the season, if you have a low DA seo takes at least 6 months to rank your content.

How many holiday posts should I aim to create?

Ideally, publish 1-2 holiday or seasonal posts per season. Writing about holiday content should always be included in your editorial calendar. Space out evergreen content so it stays fresh over the years.

What topics resonate best?

Gift guides, gift ideas, recipes, traditions, crafts, and holiday bucket lists are all proven blog post topics readers love. Choose ideas tailored to your blog niche.

Should I follow trends or stick to classics?

Mix trendy topics like gift ideas for the latest gadgets with evergreen classics like tasty baked goods. This balances timely content with posts that stand the test of time.

How can I repurpose my holiday content?

Make holiday posts evergreen by swapping out dates, adding new ideas annually, and refreshing stale sections. Repurposing saves time while providing updated content readers appreciate.

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