The Best Holidays Around the World Coloring Pages (Free Printable)

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Celebrate global holiday traditions with this free printable pack of 6 Holidays around the world coloring pages! Learn about how Christmas is celebrated in Japan, Europe, India, China, Israel and Africa! Download the full holiday printable pack now!

Are you looking for a fun and festive way to celebrate the winter holidays with your kids? This pack of Holidays around the world coloring pages has you covered! With 6 pages of printable activities, these free Christmas around the world coloring pages are perfect for extending creativity and learning about holiday traditions from around the globe during the holiday season.

This Christmas around the world printable pack is jam-packed with many colorful printables and festive Christmas coloring pages that walk kids through how various countries celebrate around Christmas time. From unique traditions in Japan to Christmas in China and India – this free printable set of Christmas around the world coloring pages is a great way to prompt cultural curiosity and appreciation this Christmas season!

So if you want to give your kiddos a creative way to celebrate Christmas and other winter holidays from around the world – then they will love this printable Christmas around the world printable coloring pack! Keep reading for an outline of what’s included with printable links!

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Holidays Around the World Coloring Pages

Why Are Christmas Traditions Different Around the World?

Christmas is celebrated in many different ways around the world, reflecting each country and culture’s unique traditions. While the holiday stems from Christian origins, today people from various religious backgrounds join in the festive spirit and give their own local spin.

What’s Actually in This Free Christmas Around the World Printable Pack?

  • 6 pages of printable activities about Christmas celebrations across the globe
  • Fun, festive Christmas coloring pages from 6 regions: China, India, Africa, Israel, Japan and Europe
  • Each page has bubble letters to color while explaining the traditions of the region

Chinese New Year Celebrations

Chinese New Year marks the start of the lunar new year and is one of the biggest holidays in Chinese culture.

Here are questions you can ask your children to deepen their understanding of the read and color pages:

  • When is Chinese New Year?
  • What do people do during Chinese New Year?
  • What did you learn about the Chinese calendar?

Let your kids color and learn about the rich traditions and mythology around Chinese New Year with these festive printables! The coloring pages feature traditional decorations, lucky symbols, Chinese zodiac animals and more to spark curiosity about this major Chinese holiday.

Chinese new year coloring pages.

Lighting Up for Diwali

Diwali, also known as the “festival of lights”, is one of the most important Hindu holidays celebrated mainly in India but also around the world.

Here are questions you can ask your children:

  • When does Diwali happen?
  • What happens during Diwali?
  • Who does the holiday pay homage to?

Let your kids color and learn about the legends, rituals and meanings behind Diwali celebrations with these festive printables! They feature traditional Diwali decorations like rangolis, lamps and fireworks.

Happy diwali coloring page.

Hanukkah – The Festival of Lights

Hanukkah is the Jewish Festival of Lights celebrated for eight days and nights.

Questions to ask your children once they color the pages:

  • Who do the Jewish people honor during Hanukkah?
  • How long does Hanukkah last?
  • How many candles are on the menorah?
  • What do people do during Hanukkah?

Let your kids color and learn about the history and traditions of Hanukkah with these printables featuring menorahs, dreidels, and more icons of this Jewish winter holiday!

Happy hanukkah coloring pages.

Ringing in the New Year in Japan

In Japan, New Year’s traditions focus on renewal and leaving troubles behind.

Here are questions to ask your child as they color their pages:

  • When is Japenese New Year?
  • What are some customs of Japanese New Year?
  • What are the dishes called that are eaten on Japanese New Year?

Let your kids color and learn about the Buddhist and Shinto rituals that shape Japanese New Year traditions with these fun printables!

Japanese new year worksheet.

Celebrating Kwanzaa – The African American Holiday

Kwanzaa is an African American holiday celebrating African heritage and culture.

Here are questions to deepen understanding:

  • When is Kwanzaa celebrated?
  • What colors are the candles that are lit?
  • What do the candles represent?
  • What do people do during Kwanzaa?

Let your kids color and learn more about the symbols and rituals behind Kwanzaa celebrations with these exciting printables!

Happy kwanzaa coloring page.

Lighting the Way with St. Lucia

St. Lucia Day on December 13th is a beloved Swedish holiday celebrating light shining in the darkest winter days.

Ask your kids these questions:

  • When is St. Lucia Day?
  • What main countries celebrate this holiday?
  • What do girls dress as on this day?
  • How is St. Lucia Day celebrayed?

Let your kids color and learn about this Scandinavian winter solstice tradition commemorating Saint Lucia and the victory of light over darkness!

St lucia coloring page.

Download the Free Printable Christmas Around the World Coloring Pages

Holiday around the world coloring pages.

Below you’ll find direct links to download all 6 pages bundled in this printable Christmas around the world pack for free!

Enjoy this festive freebie and let your creativity shine this holiday season! These Christmas around the world printables also make great homemade gifts for teachers, family or friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age range do you recommend these Christmas around the world printables for?

These printable activities are geared toward elementary age, roughly ages 5-10 years old. But kids of all ages can color and learn something new about holiday customs around the globe!

Do these Christmas global tradition pages need to be printed in color?

For the full festive effect, we recommend using colored pencils or crayons. However, kids can still color and enjoy the printables in black and white too!

Can parents, teachers, or homeschoolers print multiple copies of these Christmas around the world coloring pages?

Yes! Feel free to print as many copies as you’d like for personal or classroom use. You can print pages individually or the full pack bundle. These are not to be resold

What are some creative ways to extend the learning from these printable Christmas around the world activities?

There’s so much you can do! Make a festive Christmas notebook or binder, have kids research a country’s traditions to share, bake holiday treats from around the world. Display colored pages around your home or classroom as decorations. The possibilities are endless!

We hope you and your kiddos or students enjoy this massive Christmas around the world printable pack! Please share how your family uses these global holiday teaching printables. Happy holidays!

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