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The 30 Day Marriage Challenge (In 25 Minutes a day)

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This post is my Marriage 30-day challenge, make sure to scroll to the end for your free printable!

What’s the difference between a happy marriage and one that ends up looking like two roommates instead of two people in love?

The time they spend actively working towards bettering their marriage.

It isn’t necessary to stop everything you’re doing and pour every last ounce of energy you have into your marriage.

But can you make time for 25 minutes a day?

That’s less time than it takes to watch a show on TV.

The Marriage Challenge that takes 25 Minutes a Day

If you can commit to 25 minutes a day focusing on spending quality time with your spouse it can greatly impact the health of your marriage!

I’ve compiled a list of marriage builders that take roughly 25 minutes a day.

If this causes deeper conversations or more effortless marriage time then, by all means, throw the clock away!

At the end of this post, I’ve created a Marriage 30 Day Challenge Printable Calendar for you to fill in!

1. Ask your Spouse These 5 Questions

As a kickstarter, I’ve compiled a list of 5 Questions to ask your spouse for some immediate improvement!

5 Helpful Questions to Immediately Improve your Marriage

These questions shouldn’t take more than 25 minutes to finish and they are meant to quickly find out areas that your marriage can improve!

2. Start a devotional with your spouse to better your marriage

I know it may sound odd, but my husband and I have been reading the same devotional for the last ten years. We love it that much. It makes us think of things we’ve never considered and sheds light on God’s purpose for our marriage.

This is our favorite devotional.

Here are some more I recommend:

3. Read a book with your spouse

Do you both love to read? Why not read a book that will lead you toward a better marriage?

I’ve written a post here that is full of godly Christian marriage books broken down by category:

The Best Christian Marriage Books The Best Books on Marriage

If one of you doesn’t like to read, see if the book you want to read is on audible! That way you can both sit down and listen to it instead.

There is so much incredible wisdom other there from couples who have gone before you, struggled with your struggles and figured out solutions.

Books are a wealth of knowledge for any subject, but they seem to be passed over in marriage. I can tell you- they are totally worth your time.

4. Listen to a Marriage Podcast

I’ve compiled a HUGE list of Christian podcasts here. They are broken down by category with a table of contents at the top so you can easily see the marriage podcasts!

The Ultimate List of the BEST 50+ Christian Podcasts

Maybe all the time you have with your spouse is while traveling in the car, this is a perfect option for you.

What I love about podcasts are the wide range of topics they cover and I’ve made sure to only include the best ones inside the post above.

5. Go on a date with your spouse

When was the last time you made time for just you and your spouse?

What do you like to do? Make a plan and head out.

If going out isn’t an option here are some fun at-home date night ideas:

6. Try out these Marriage Communication Cards

Perfect for a date night or just a 25 minute time slot!

These conversation starter cards are specifically designed to help build deeper communication with your spouse.

  • Over 100 Cards
  • 3 Bonus Games
  • Bonus cards for couples with children & couples who want children
marriage conversation starter cards product banner

7. Play a game with your spouse

I’m not talking about monopoly. Let’s try to stay away from games that cause division and fights.

I’m talking about games that help build up your marriage.

Check out these games here from Amazon:

8. Practice each other’s Love Language

If you’ve never heard of love languages then you are in for a life change! (If you haven’t heard of this you can grab the book The Five Love Languages here on Amazon.)

Learning your spouse’s love language is critical in learning how to love each other.

If you don’t know your spouse’s love language, spend some time taking the Love Language Quiz here.

Here are a breakdown of the love languages and some ideas to implement them:

  • Words of Affirmation
    • Give compliments to your spouse
    • Write them a love letter
    • Tell them thank you whenever they do something for you
  • Quality Time
    • Anything on this list would count as quality time
    • Go on a date together
    • Take a walk together
  • Physical Touch
    • Give your spouse a massage
    • Hold their hand when your walking
    • The obvious- have sex.
  • Acts of Service
    • Do some chores around the house
    • Are you handy? Fix something for your spouse or make them something
    • Look for a burden that your spouse is carrying, and carry it for them.
  • Receiving Gifts
    • Buy a gift for your spouse outside of a holiday
    • You don’t always have to buy something, you can also make something even a card.
    • Look on Pinterest for a gift guide for the types of things your spouse likes!

Marriage Resources:

Need help in your marriage? You can check out My FREE Marriage Revival Course! Take 5 days to pour into your marriage together and finish with new hope!

Ignite deeper conversations with your spouse, transform your intimacy and strengthen your bond with my Conversation Starter Cards

If you need counseling but don’t want to go to a counselor try out Marriage Fitness as an alternative to traditional counseling.

If you or your spouse struggle with an addiction to porn Covenant Eyes is an amazing resource to stop addiction in its tracks.

If you want books for any area or topic of your marriage you can check out the Christian Marriage Books I Recommend 

9. Find a new hobby to do… together

Is there something that you both like to do?

If your answer is no, maybe you just haven’t found it yet.

Maybe you both hate cooking but you’ve never tried baking together, maybe you’ve never gone on a hike together or taken a couples dancing class.

Whatever it is, there’s something out there that I bet you both can find joy in and enjoy together

Check out this list of 79 Hobbies to Do with your Spouse.

10. Sign up for the Free Marriage Course

Need to press the reset button so that you can start fresh?

I have a free 5-Day Marriage Revival course for you to do with your spouse!

Learn how to:

  • Lay a new foundation
  • Add the third cord
  • Learn to love each other the right way
  • Make your marriage a priority
  • Make a new pact

Sign up here:

Grab the Printable Calendar!

Sign up to grab your FREE 25 Minute Marriage 30 Day Challenge Calendar!

A calendar with blue leaves on it.

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