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Blogging Tools

Here is a list of my absolute favorite blogging tools. I’ve also included some that I have used in the past that are helpful! 

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Where to keep your Domain

You should always keep your domain separate from your hosting. If you’re just starting out, make sure to keep them separate. When searching for a domain make sure you keep away from sites like GoDaddy, they are notorious for raising the price hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars if you don’t buy right away because they know someone is interested. My favorite Domain  Name Tool is Namecheap and you can search for days for the perfect domain name! Their search tool is simple and to the point and I’ve never had any issues with them.
Create your Web Presence

Where to host your Website

Contrary to what most bloggers suggest, I’m not going to recommend Bluehost hosting, because of personal experience and the experience of so many bloggers. My favorite WordPress blog hosting company is BigScoots. If you’re just starting out I recommend one of their smaller plans and then you can move up to their managed WordPress hosting when you get lots of traffic! Bigscoots has extremely fast customer service, I always get any issues that I need help with taken care of quickly.

The Best Theme for your Site

When looking for a theme for your site and blogging platform you want something that will not slow your site down. I’ve personally used a few themes on my site and I can safely say that my favorite theme is Astra, I use it for the main parts of my website (besides my home page, I use the page builder below for that). I love that with the pro version I can customize my sidebars to the different topics that I write about! Astra is a free theme but you can also upgrade to pro for the bells and whistles.

The Best Page Builder for your Site

Elementor is my favorite blogging tool ever. I love how I can use it to customize anything.  I used it create my homepage, footers, sales pages, thank you pages etc. (Side note- if you plan on working with an ad company I do not recommend using it to write your blog posts as it can mess with ad placement). Elementor has a free version but I use the pro so that I can create forms, hello bars, pop ups, and customize my theme among many other features! I have a tutorial for how to use Elementor in my Facebook Group!

The Best WordPress Plugins

Akismet is an anti-spam plugin that is amazing! If your blog is being used for business then you’ll need to pay a small monthly fee (last time I checked it is $5).  It scans all of your comments on your blog and makes sure you get no spam comments!

The Contact Form 7 plugin helps you create a contact box so that people can contact you!

It’s free and super useful, it’s the main contact box bloggers use on their WordPress site.

Grow by MediaVine is what I use for social share buttons. It’s one of the top rated in the market and I love it! Grow lets you customize your pin description and title. It also let’s you customize all share images and descriptions to Facebook and Twitter. You can also choose which pin users pin when they press your social share buttons which is super useful so that random images aren’t being shared.

The Header and Footer Scripts plugin allows you to add script to your header and footer effortlessly. You’ll need this to verify your site with Google and Pinterest.

Wordfence Security protects your site. It is a basic level of defense and you can pay for more security. It blocks people from logging into your site, and notifies you when you are being attacked by bots, and hackers.

Yoast helps you with how your site appears on social media and when ranking on Google.

You can choose your keyword and add your meta description (what people see when they find your blog post on Google).

It also gives you useful information for how your post is written for SEO.

The Best Writing Tools for your Site Site

Grammarly is a wonderful grammar tool that you should keep as an extension on your browser to spell check what you write!

It is wonderful at picking up errors and giving suggestions to quickly correct them.

Google Docs is a tool that I use to save my content. As I’m writing my blog posts, I will switch to HTML view, copy all of the content and save it into Google Docs.

I also use Google Docs to make PDFs for opt ins or products.

The Best Content Research Tools

Buzz Sumo

Buzz Sumo is a wonderful tool for blog content and SEO research.

Headline Analyzer

I love CoSchedule to analyze my headlines! It rates your headlines and you can enter as many as you’d like to get a higher score.

Portent Title Maker

Portenet Title Maker lets you add a topic and it generates different titles for you. It’s a great way to spark ideas for titles for your content!


Quora is a great way to see what people are asking in real time, you can even answer their questions and link to your blog posts!

Google Trends

You can use Google Trends to search what is trending on the internet so that you can write blog posts that are current and on trend.

Answer the Public

Answer the Public is a great way to enter a topic and see the questions that people ask about it!

The Best Graphics

So far, the best place I have found for stock photos is Deposit Photos. They have so many graphics that I use for all of my graphics. They also run amazing deals on AppSumo sometimes!


I LOVE Pixistock! Her photos are so amazing and I love how diverse they are!

She has a subscription service and if you sign up for her mailing list she emails free stock photos every month!

Plus her stock photos have diversity!!!


Although I don’t fully recommend free stock photo sites I will say, if you download a picture from a free stock photo site please screenshot it so that you have proof of where you got it from!

I use Relaythat to create lots of pins super fast! You can load your brand logos, fonts, etc into it and they have pre-made templates that you can use to quickly create graphics!

The Best Social Media Tools

I love using Social Bee for my social media marketing! I use it mainly to schedule my Facebook and Twitter posts but you can also use it for planning Instagram, LinkedIn  and pinning to Pinterest.

I love using Tailwind to schedule pins on Pinterest. I’m a manual pinner at heart, but Tailwind comes in handy when I need to take a break!

The Best Email Marketing Tools

Convertkit has all the things you need from an Email Service Provider. I have tried other ESPs and haven’t found anywhere better to keep my email list. I love creating automations and tagging all of my subscribers with Convertkit!

Convertkit is now free up to 1,000 subscribers!

Mailerlite is a cheaper alternative especially if you’re just starting out! They have a free plan up to 1,000 subscribers!

Deadline Funnel is a tool I use in my email sequences to offer my subscribers one time deals in my email funnels! You can also use it for tripwire pages!

The Best SEO Tools

KeySearch is an amazing and CHEAP keyword research tool. There are so many gold nuggets included in this tool like the content assistant and opportunity finder!

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Other Search Engine Optimization Tools

The Best Organization Tools For Bloggers

Trello is my all time favorite tool and it’s FREE! You can organize everything you need for you blog in it. I put everything in it for my blog, and my personal life! You can sign up for my free Trello course here.

This isn’t really a tool, but it’s a hack to be more organized by creating a second Chrome browser to just access your business from. So you’ll have different bookmarks and saved passwords etc. You can check out my tutorial on how to separate your Chrome Browsers here.

The Best Productivity Tools For Bloggers

I use Workona to organize my millions of tabs into distraction free workspaces. You can see the post I’ve written about why Workona is the best tool for Chrome here. 

Or grab my Live that 300 Tabs Life Course so I can show you how to use it for maximum productivity!

Google Calendar has been an essential part of my business! I use it to create recurring tasks so that I can accomplish all 3 million of my blogging tasks each week!

You can check out my Weekly Schedule Course to learn more about how to use it for blogging tasks!

The Marinara Chrome Extension works as a timer to have you sit down and achieve your tasks without distractions. And then it tells you when to take a break! It’s wonderful to sit down and focus and be productive!

The Best Course Creation Tools For Bloggers

I used Podia for 2 years before switching to hosting my own courses. I cannot sing their praises enough! They are super helpful, and I love their platform!

Teachable is the top platform that bloggers use for courses. Students love how they can access their courses by multiple creators on one platform. I’ve never used Teachable, but I know several bloggers that do!

I host my own courses now on my course site using Wishlist Member and Thrive Apprentice as a combo. I use Thrive Apprentice for my courses, and Wishlist to restrict access.

The Best Way to Sell Products/Payment Gateways For Bloggers

I have used Shopify for 2 years and I love it for selling digital goods. I’ve sold all digital products on Shopify, printables, tripwires, bundles etc.

I have switched to ThriveCart for all of my transactions for my courses and all digital products. My conversion rate increased dramatically and I LOVE ThriveCart!

The Best Video Tools For Bloggers

I use Screencast-O-Matic to record videos for my courses and tutorials for my site. It is fairly cheap and you can pay for the option to back up your videos to their cloud.

I use Lumen 5 to quickly make videos to advertise blog posts and use them for my MediaVine videos. You can load a blog post into Lumen 5 and it’ll create a video for you and all you have to do is tweak it!

Organize all of these Links!

Where are all your resources? Time to take those hidden gems and organize them! Oh and of course– add the best resources to your collection! Grab my Organized Resources Course!

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