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What is selah?

Selah, Deep breath.


Can I describe it as that? I don’t think that would be sufficient.

Selah is a word found in the bible. It doesn’t have a specific definition, but it’s most commonly defined as “pause”.

I first came across this word when I was reading the book of Psalms and thought, what is that?? But as I dove deeper into the scriptures it seemed to me like it was a time to take in the gravity of what was just said, done or seen. That’s why it is the essence of what my blog is. As a wife, mommy, traveler, and most importantly- daughter of Christ, I believe it is so important to selah.

I feel like this word has resonated so deep into my life I wanted to share it with the world. I often find myself “pausing” and taking the time to look around me in awe of what God has done. How He can use one of my children to brighten my mood, how He chose my husband and me for each other, how He made something out of nothing in me, etc.

I am a very busy person, someone who is constantly wearing many hats and life just seems to pass on by. Can you relate? I feel like the older I get, the quicker time passes. But in the midst of it all I want to take time to selah.

Whether that’s in the middle of my day, in treasuring moments with my husband, children, friendships, relationship with Jesus…I want to take the time.


I made this a Christian lifestyle blog. Mostly because it represents my life and what I do.  I’ve found the time to selah during the calmest and busiest times of my life, and I want to teach you how to selah too.

And when I read my bible, and something just clicks…and I have to take a breath and process it all, that’s selah.

Selah is a spiritual pause. Where you incorporate God into your moment. To thank Him, to praise Him, to reflect on His goodness.

You know, as I’m typing this the word selah is underlined in that dreaded squiggly line that means that it’s misspelled or not even a word. It seems so unknown to our language, and might I even say, our lifestyles. I want to change that. I might be a small blog and an unknown woman, but I’m still a daughter of the King. And maybe I can get this to be a household word. Something that hopefully becomes common in a Christian’s walk with Christ.

Is there something you’re grateful for? Something today that would make you want to take a moment to pause and reflect on His goodness? Can you take the time to selah?

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