100 Best Dips For Charcuterie Board for Every Occasion

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Need dips for charcuterie board? I’ve got 100 to choose from! From savory to sweet, quick and easy to more complex, and even slow cooker and hummus charcuterie board dips!

Hey friends! Are you obsessed with charcuterie boards as much as I am? Seriously, those perfect platters of meats, cheeses, fruits, and nuts are my weakness. But you know what really takes a charcuterie board from great to mind-blowingly amazing? The dips!

A good dip adds so much flavor and texture to each bite. I don’t know about you, but I could eat my weight in bacon jelly! Everyone loves bacon, and it goes with everything!

But there are SO many options beyond bacon jelly when it comes to dips for charcuterie boards. So I’ve compiled this super extensive list of my favorite dips that are total crowd-pleasers. We’re talking…100 different dips! From unique flavors to classics, smooth dips to chunky salsas. I’ve got you covered.

I’m thrilled to share this ultimate list of dips that will take your charcuterie boards to the next level. Let’s dive in!

100 dips for charcuterie boards

Tips for Adding Dips to Your Charcuterie Board

Now that you have 75 amazing dips in mind for your charcuterie platter, let’s go over some tips for incorporating dips:

  • Place dips or charcuterie board sauces in small bowls around the board for dipping ease.
  • Vary textures – include smooth, creamy dips along with chunkier salsa-style dips.
  • Balance flavors – have a mix of savory, sweet, tangy, herby dips.
  • Garnish dips with herbs, peppers, olive oil, etc to make them pop.
  • Offer crackers and breads to pair with the dips.
  • Add a butter knife to each dip so guests can easily spread.
  • Keep dips away from the edges so the board doesn’t get messy.

With so many tasty dips to choose from, you can really elevate your charcuterie presentation. Dips make the board more interactive, encourage guests to try new flavors, and provide even more ways to highlight the fantastic cured meats and cheeses.

Now that your mouth is watering for charcuterie, try out some of these sensational dips and spread recipes to take your board over the top! Your guests will be raving.

100 Dips for Charcuterie Board

14 Quick & Easy Charcuterie Board Dips

Need to put something together fast for your charcuterie spreads? These fast and easy dips for charcuterie board will come together in no time!

02/18/2024 11:13 am GMT

59 Crowd Pleasing Dips for Charcuterie Board

Take your charcuterie board to the next level with this extensive list of 59 dips and spreads ranging from classic to innovative. You'll find popular staples like spinach artichoke, bacon jam, and vegetable dip alongside unique options like baba ganoush, whipped feta, and everything bagel dip.

With nearly 60 dips to choose from, you're sure to find endless inspiration to mix and match flavors and textures for an unforgettable charcuterie experience. This diverse dip selection has something for everyone, from rich and savory to fresh and fruity. Your charcuterie board will truly stand out with this ultimate list of crowd-pleasing dips and spreads.

02/18/2024 04:03 pm GMT

12 Hummus Charcuterie Board Dips

Elevate your charcuterie board with this delicious collection of 12 hummus varieties. From traditional chickpea to unique flavors like carmelized onion and beet cashew, this hummus selection adds a creamy, satisfying dip to complement any meat and cheese assortment.

Swirl in olive tapenade or roasted peppers for visual appeal. Garlic lovers can experience the richness of roasted garlic hummus or the spiciness of siracha with sweet potato. With so many flavors, you can match hummus options to your favorite charcuterie ingredients.

Portion into small bowls scattered around the board for an easy-access dip everyone will love. This versatile hummus collection takes charcuterie from basic to brilliant.

3 Slow Cooker Charcuterie Board Dips

Simplify your charcuterie board prep with these 3 sensational slow cooker dips.

Each dip can be made ahead of time in a slow cooker, keeping dips piping hot for serving. Place these tasty slow cooker dips in small crocks around your charcuterie board for an easy way to add warm, comforting flavors.

Let your slow cooker do the work, then enjoy these simple yet delicious dips that perfectly complement any meat and cheese platter.

02/18/2024 05:13 pm GMT

13 Dessert Dips for Charcuterie Board

Satisfy your sweet tooth with this collection of 13 decadent dessert dips perfect for finishing off a charcuterie board. Dip fresh strawberries or pineapple chunks into a rich chocolate dessert hummus or whipped pumpkin dip.

With this many options, you can serve a different dessert dip in small bowls at each place setting for a customized sweet treat. These luscious dessert dips add the perfect final touch to any savory charcuterie board.

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