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Free Christmas Lapbook {Christmas Around the World}

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It is so fun to see how traditions are held around the world! This free Christmas lapbook shows you how Christmas is celebrated in 8 different countries! Whether you homeschool or teach at public school this is fun for all children!

What’s included in the Christmas Lapbook:

A six-page PDF file that contains:

  • Directions
  • Lapbook Cover
  • Center
  • 8 Flip flaps
  • Back

The Christmas Around the World Lapbook Cover

This lapbook cover has ornaments showing each country’s flag to color in.

christmas around the world front of lapbook

8 Flip Flaps of different Countries and their Christmas traditions

Each country has four circles to cut out.

The first flap is the cover that shows the country and your child can color it in.
The second flap teaches about the food that is eaten.
The third flap covers traditions.
The fourth flap covers the facts.

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christmas around the world flaps of lapbook
christmas around the world open flaps of lapbook

Back Cover For the Lapbook

The back cover is a compare-and-contrast Venn diagram. Your child or student can choose two countries and fill in their similarities and differences.

christmas around the world vin diagram of lapbook

Fun ideas for this lapbook:

You can use this lapbook as an activity and cover one country a day as a play on the 12 days of Christmas. This could be 8 Christmas-themed days and you can even try out some of the other traditions!

You can add this to a unit study of holidays or countries, it doesn’t just have to be used for Christmas.

To add to this, you can look up each country’s Christmas song and play it for your children.

Other Christmas Activities:

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Grab your printable here:

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