Tips for making the Best Thanksgiving Turkey {Turkey Tips}

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Want to wow and amaze on Thanksgiving? These turkey tips will help you make the BEST thanksgiving turkey!

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Thanksgiving Turkey Tip #1 -No Dry Turkeys Allowed.

If you listen to know no other tips on this page THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT.

When you take your turkey out of the oven or self basting roaster oven do. not. cut. into. it.

When you cut, when the meat comes directly off the heat you are letting all the juices run out and those juices are what keep the turkey….juicy. Without them you’ll be eating dry, chewy turkey. (And nobody wants that.)

Wait to cut into your turkey 5 to 10 minutes. Don’t worry, it’ll still be hot, it was just cooking for hours, a few minutes won’t hurt.

What to do in the meantime? Take those turkey drippings and make some gravy.

Thanksgiving Turkey Tip #2- A Brined Turkey is a Moist Turkey.

Oh the moistness it brings when you take the time to brine your turkey.

This is something you do the night before, or even as your turkey unthaws for the week.

You can do a simple brine and add a cup of salt to a gallon of ice water (or as much water as it takes to cover your turkey) and put your turkey in a cooler or a clean storage tub.

Let it sit overnight and voila. Moist turkey.

Thanksgiving Turkey Tip #3- Take your Turkey out in time to unthaw it.

This is something countless families forget to do each year.

Check the chart below for your defrost times!

Turkey Defrost Times by whatmomsmake

Thanksgiving Turkey Tip #4 – A planned week/day takes the stress away

I plan out my entire week before hand. And I show you how I do that here:

I make sure to plan out my weekly prep so that on the day of Thanksgiving I have less work to do.

I also plan out my day by the time it takes to make the meals and which ones I can cook simultaneously.

Thanksgiving Turkey Tip #5- Free up your Oven with a Self Basting Roasting Pan

I bought a self-basting roasting oven a few years ago and it has been a lifesaver!

You place it on your counter, put the turkey in, set it and FORGET IT.

That’s right, you don’t have to baste, it does it for you.

So you have a free oven AND don’t have to baste.

Turkey Tip #6- Invest in a Waterproof Meat Thermometer

Yes, most turkeys come with a little thing that pops out when your turkey is done.

But a meat thermometer is much more efficient. And trust me- get the waterproof one. (I’ve gone through way too many to know)

You want to make sure that the temperature of your turkey gets to 165 degrees before you take it out to rest (tip number one)


These tips will help you make sure your turkey is the star of your dinner table! If you take anything away from these tips, please follow tip number one to keep your turkey from getting dry!

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