The Best Prayer Journal for Women: 15 Best Prayer Journals for 2024

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Looking for the best prayer journal for women? Update your prayer life with prayer journaling! 15 best journals to help your prayers!

If you’re looking for a way to deepen your prayer life, a prayer journal is an amazing addition to communing with God. I’ve curated a list of prayer journals including THE BEST prayer journal for women! 

Whether you’re looking for a prayer journal to add to your bible study time or to just guide you through your prayer time you’ve come to the right place!

Choosing the right prayer journal for Women

There are many different types of prayer journals. 

  • Guided Prayer Journals: The pages of a guided journal are set up to take the guesswork out of prayer. This can be used for beginners or seasoned prayer warriors. Each page is outlined with what you should write or pray. There are usually different sections for your prayers, prayer requests, answered prayers, and prayer prompts.
  • Blank Prayer Journals: These journals have blank pages for prayer journaling. You take the lead and write your prayers on your own with no boundaries or restrictions in your quiet time.
  • Prayer Map Journals: These journals create a map as a creative way to pray. 
  • Printable Prayer Journals: These usually come as a prayer journal template, that you can print and move around the pages as you’d like and print more as you continue on your prayer journey.

Prayer Journal ideas

If you’re looking for what to search for in a prayer journal here are some ideas I think are important to have in a prayer journal:

  • It needs to have a space that contains a place to write your prayers
  • Bible verses and favorite scriptures to use while praying
  • Answered prayers so you can experience the power of prayer
  • A space dedicated to praying for the people in your life
  • Blank prayer request pages
  • Blank space for you to write out specific thoughts
  • You want a journal that will inspire a spiritual habit of continual prayer for life. 
  • You need to be able to use your prayer journal, so find one that inspires you.
15 Best Prayer Journals

Benefits of a Prayer Journal

Growing Closer to God: Spending dedicated time praying using a tool like a prayer journal helps you strengthen your faith and grow closer to Jesus.

Focus and Clarity: A prayer journal also helps bring clarity to your thoughts and experiences allowing you to write it out and give it to God. Using a journal helps you sit down and focus on your prayers and helps keep away distractions.

Spiritual Guidance: When we pray, we allow God to respond to us. Whether that’s speaking to us, guiding us in the right direction or Him answering prayers.

Growing your Faith: When you have a record of your prayers, you will also have a record of answered prayers. Looking back and seeing how God answered you will always build faith.

Emotional Release: A lot of people use journals to help write down their troubles, using a prayer journal is no different except that you are giving your troubles to God at the same time.

Here are the best journals for women:

The Best prayer journal for women

If you’re in a hurry finding the best prayer journal here it is!

This journal suits women in all seasons of life. And is ranked one of the best prayer journals on Amazon.

Prayer Journal for Women: 52-Week Scripture, Devotional & Guided Prayer Journal


  • 229 pages
  • Size 8 x 10
  • Guided prayer pages for weekly prayer
  • Scripture verses
  • Reflections on the Word
  • Journaling prompts to guide your walk with God and strengthen your faith

Here is a video review of this journal:

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Best Guided Prayer Journals for Women to Connect with God

These are all Christian journals for women.

Women’s Prayer Journal: A Christian Devotional for a Year of Praise, Gratitude, and Reflection

This is a great women’s prayer journal that will guide you through your prayers for a year!


  • 120 pages
  • Undated daily pages allow you to start at any point for daily prayer time.
  • Record your daily prayers
  • Document prayer requests
  • Verse of the day
  • Reflection

Prayer Journal for Women: 52-Week Guided Prayer Notebook with Bible Study Scripture and Guided Prompts

This seems like an amazing journal to keep a consistent prayer life as it guides you through weekly prayer. It guides you through each week or you can use this as a monthly prayer journal.


  • 213 Pages
  • 4 pages per week with a prayer section that includes:
    • Reflection
    • Writing what’s on your heart
    • Prayers for yourself
    • Prayers for others
    • Gratitude
    • Guidance
    • Teaching
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6-Month Regolden-Book Prayer Journal for Women

This leather-bound journal will guide you through 180 days of prayer!


  • 180 Pages
  • Comes in other colors
  • Each day has sections for:
    • Scripture Verse
    • Adoration
    • Teach Me
    • Confession
    • Things on my heart
    • Guide me
    • Prayer requests
    • Answered prayers
    • Gratitude
    • Application

Best Printable Prayer Journal

Here is a free prayer journal that you can print:

She is Clothed in Dignity Proverbs 31 Journal by Courtnee Nicolee at SheWritesByFaith


  • 33 Pages
  • 31 Days
  • Daily prompts with fill in pages
She is clothed prayer journal

Best Year Prayer Journals

These are journals you can use for a whole year.

Prayer Journal For Women: 52-Week Scripture, Guided Prayer Notebook For Women Of God

This Christian journal features:

  • 122 pages
  • A weekly bible verse and a breakdown of that verse
  • Reflection and highlights
  • Gratitude space
  • Things on my mind space
  • Prayer Requests
  • Prayers answered
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52-Week Prayer Journal For Women: A Christian Woman’s Notebook of Enlightenment and Divine Bible Guidance Through Devotion, Scripture, and Reflection


  • 107 pages
  • Each week includes 2 pages that feature:
    • An inspiring bible verse
    • Reflections
    • Highlights
    • Room to scribe your prayer, thoughts and reflections.

Best Blank Prayer Journals

I love blank prayer journals where I can just write the date that I started praying and then add the date it was answered so I can see the power of prayer! 

A Modern Guided Prayer, Gratitude & Bible Study Journal for Women by Paper Peony Press

This is a blank journal with some semi-guided pages.


  • Spiral Bound
  • 180 pages
  • Guided prayer
  • Gratitude prompts
  • Inspirational bible verses
  • Answered-prayers section
  • Blank space to write

Faith is Fun Eccolo Prayer Journal Notebook

Here is another prayer journal that is easy to use:


  • Blank
  • Has stickers
  • Spiral bound
  • Verse dividers

Daily Prayer Journals to add to your Devotional

Here is a daily prayer journal you can add to your devotional:

My Prayer Journal: A 3-Month Guide to Prayer, Praise, and Thanks

This is a simple guided prayer book that has a very pretty design!


  • 108 pages
  • A space for gratitude
  • Daily verse space
  • Prayer request space
  • A space to ask God to teach you
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War Room Prayer Journals

War Room Prayer Journal: Daily Prayers for Praise & Reflections


  • Prayers for the Month
  • Special Requests
  • For My Family
  • For Things On My Mind
  • Answered Prayers
  • Current Events Ministry, Mission & Nation

Best Prayer Map Journal

If you’re looking for a prayer map journal this one is great! This is like a “how-to prayer journal“. 

The Prayer Map for Women 


  • 176 pages
  • Prompted sections guide
  • Each spread has:
    • A blank date spot
    • Creative prayer spot
    • Gratitude spot
    • An “I am worried about” spot
    • A “people I am praying for” spot
    • Here’s what’s happening in my life spot
    • I need spot
    • Other things on my heart that I need to share with God
    • And a unique scripture on each spread

Prayer Journals for Moms

The Prayer Map for Moms (Faith Maps)

This journal helps mothers pray for their children.


  • 176 pages
  • 2-page spread for each week that includes:
    • Blank spaces to write
    • Gratitude
    • Space to pray for your children
    • A space to write your worries
    • A space to ask for wisdom
    • A space to ask for strength
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A Mother’s Prayer Journal: A Bible-based guide for praying for your children and building a deeper relationship with God

This prayer journal is one of my favorites. I love how it is broken down so you can pray a different prayer based on topics. It is meant to journal with bible verses. It seems you can also use this as a daily devotional prayer journal.


  • 188 pages
  • This prayer journal is meant for you to take section by section.
  • Sections included are:
    • Adoration/Confession/Spiritual Growth
    • Physical Health and Safety
    • Emotional and Mental Health
    • Education and Development
    • Future Plans and guidance
    • Relationships
    • Character and Behavior
    • Protection from Temptation
    • Gratitude and Thankfulness
    • Financial Provision and Stability
  • Each Section includes:
    • Concerns, Requests, and Hopes
    • Praying the ACTS prayer
    • A page to pray for yourself
    • A page to pray for your child
    • Reflection on God’s Answers

Best Prayer Notebook

Need a simple journal for prayer? This can be used however best fits your needs.

Here is a guided prayer notebook for women:

Faithful Finds Spiral Bound Prayer Notebook

This is a simple guided 64-page prayer notebook. Each page is printed with a place for gratitude, a place to pray, and a place for reflection on where you saw God during your day.

Choose the best prayer journal for women

Make sure to see which journal fits you best before grabbing one! Or you can be unhinged like me and grab a bunch haha!

I hope you find the best prayer journal for you and it helps you grow in your relationship with Christ!

If you would like some inspiration on prayers check out my Praying From Scratch Cards!

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